Why Support Learning About Business?

Learning About Business Inc. is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide select students with an interactive and enjoyable experience leading to a clearer understanding and a greater appreciation of the free-enterprise system.

  • Help keep strong a program that has impacted close to 2500 young scholars, at more than 30 schools throughout Northeast Ohio, for over 35 years.
  • Be a part of an ongoing inspirational think tank and incubator for core life and leadership skills that has catapulted LAB grads to successful careers in many disciplines.
  • Help us champion the entrepreneurial spirit that serves as the foundation for progress and opportunity.
  • Join hundreds of local Volunteers, business people, and community stakeholders in perpetuating one of the most respected, time-tested advanced learning initiatives available.
  • Support our Founder Pauline S. Krug's dream to forever keep this extraordinary week free for its participants. Please know that your tax-deductible (LAB is a 501C3 non-profit) dollars allow us to continue to scholarship every single student who is accepted into LAB, regardless of socio-economic status, sex, race, or religion.

Donate to LAB

Donation Amount: Any amount is appreciated and will go toward...
Your extraordinary level of support will facilitate one Day Chair for LAB Week; including all materials, meals, and resources required. Your generosity will prop up the very heart of LAB Week.
This is your unique opportunity to literally send a "kid to camp". As grant funding tightens up, we need your help to assure that every student who desires to experience LAB Week can do so.
This says "I believe in LAB"! As a LAB stakeholder you will make a meaningful mark on our ability to not only sustain this proven product, but explore new ways to expand its regional impact.
For those participants who are in strong financial need and on full scholarship, your act of kindness will remove all barriers and pay one students application fee.
"Feed the stomach, and feed the mind" - start their day off on the right foot by covering all breakfasts for one student for their week-long experience.
We appreciate your mindful consideration to support our Mission